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Oklahoma Sports and Fitness May/June 2017 : Page 28

enjoying the ride More than twelve years ago, a Tulsa attorney had a dream. He had a vision to raise the profile of Tulsa and promote an active lifestyle within his community. With valuable life experience and an inside-out knowledge of cycling, Malcolm McCollam and his team have created the internationally recognized Saint Francis Tulsa Tough. And as more adopt a healthy lifestyle through cycling, more grow to appreciate the man behind the scenes --a humble, grateful visionary who continues to dream. OKS&F: Describe growing up in Iowa. What were some of your influences? MALCOLM: I was the oldest of four children, and had lots of cousins around. It seemed like everyone in my family was athletic except me, and I was considered undersized. I vividly remember my mom telling us every morning in the summer, “Get outside and stay outside!” She didn’t want us to come back indoors until lunch; and after lunch was done, we went back outside until evening. We would play basketball in the driveway, play catch, ride bikes, and whatever else we could find to do outside. Today, I am grateful for that, and I am grateful for my mom pushing us to be active outside. I think it truly laid the foundation for pursuing an active lifestyle as an adult. We moved to the Overland Park area in Kansas in 1963, the year Kennedy was assassinated. That’s when I felt I really began to grow up and become more athletic. My dad had a military background in the Navy. To me, he was the traditional athlete and dad. Really, football mattered only! And so he prodded me to play football even though I was so small. The coach at that time wanted the football players to also enroll in spring track. So I did. And now all the football players, even some of the large offensive lineman were beating me in the 100-yard dash. I discovered, though, if we ran farther (a mile or 2 mile distance) I did okay, and discovered I was pretty good at the middle distance. So it was at that point, I abandoned my big football dream. *(big laugh)* PHOTO BY CHRIS BARNES, DC, TULSASPORTSDOCTOR.COM ATHLETES AMONG US: MALCOLM MCCOLLAM 28 MAY / JUNE 2017 | OKSPORTSANDFITNESS.COM

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