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Oklahoma Sports and Fitness January/February 2013 : Page 24

I see all sorts of things during my day-to-day existence as a personal trainer that drives me crazy when it comes to fitness. And that’s a short drive. Bicep curls while wearing a weight belt, trainers training clients on machines, and walking around naked for an uncomfortably long time in the locker room are all punishable offenses in my mind. However, the worst offense of all is having an overweight client, for example, follow a “body part split” focusing on individual muscles on different days of the week. I have an unbelievable amount of respect for anyone trying to better their health and taking action to start the process. However, in all fairness, the average person has the deck stacked against them from the start. The workout programs in mainstream media today hype routines that work for a very small percent of the population from a volume and intensity standpoint. They fail to take into account any specific joint limitations or mobility issues common in our society. In addition, those that adopt a generic workout routine usually have no knowledge about their own body or how it moves in the first place. This often leads to injuries, lack of PHOTO BY CHRIS BARNES, DC, WWW.TULSASPORTSDOCTOR.COM Ma g ic Movement progress, and frustration. the key to a not-so-lame training program BY PHILIP NA TION, NASM, CPT JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2013 | OKSPORTSANDFITNESS.COM 24

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